The center of engineering consultant


The center of engineering consultant

The growth the activity of red sea state is starting in all the fields and creasing for all services in city of the state special the developing projects, so that has been existed planning and design management, and supervising at implementing the engineering projects and it has been viewing the necessity of creating complete consultant device content with official and qualify artisan cadres

The functions

The functions of centers is abstract at these following

The acting by necessity studies to working the different engineering projects

Acting the engineering designs and planning for project

Putting the basic to evaluating the viewing that introducing of contractors  

Contributing in committee and its evaluating

Completing supervising at implementing and revision the performance and dependent the financial for contractors

Accommodating the engineering qualifications in all specialists

Adjust the engineering working , developing , entering the modern technique in studying field,searches, designs, estimates, and supervising

Successive managers at center management

Manager/EbrahimAlamin 1990

Manager/OsmanMokhtar 1996



Manager/AbdalwahabTibn 1998

Manager/AhmedHassan Abdalmajed1998

Manager/HashimTahir SHikh Taha 1999-2001

Manager/EbrahimAltaweel 2002-2013

Engineer/Mohammed Hassan Ahmed 2014-2015

 Engineer/Yasseen Omer Bashir 2015

Engineer/Hashim Tahir SHaikh Taha2015-2016

 Engineer/ Mohammed Hassan Ahmed2016-2018

Specialist Engineer/YasseenAbbass 2018