Corporation of construction and roads


Corporation of construction and roads

It has been created in 1997 by decision of Mr. minister of engineering affair at that time and that to acting by the following functions

Adjustment of urban growth

Dams and bridges

Water grid

Constructions and governmental building

The roads

The visionand the letter

Construction corporation has been basic to be special engineering document to supporting the workings of development by engineering and scientific vision

The objective

It has been considered of implementing these following projects in the state

Developing the internal roads in the city

Creating roads to link among the city in state

Creating the dams to increasing the storage space for water in the state

Acting the soil dams in agriculture place

Connecting the internal water grid

Rehabilitation the dams

Assistant in developing of working of other refrustration as electricity etc..

Beatify the city

Contributing in prevent disaster and raining

Maintenance the governmental building

Companied in the construction of tourism projects

Departments of construction corporation and the roads

The projects sector

The road sector

The water sector

The degree and design sector

Laboratory sector 

Information and document sector

Movement and operation sector

Workshop sector