Management of the localities electricity


Managementof the localities electricity

Management of the localities electricity has been creating to supervising at electricity plants in localities that they it hasn’t national electricity grid, and now the enterprise acting in implementing of electricity project in western Sudan to link the localities with national grid and that has been implementing by reconstruction fund and developing the western Sudan

Electricity project of western Sudan

It is an important projects in providing supply of settled electricity for state localities, and it facilitating all difficulties and that by efforts from the management in grid located and follow-up the documents

Component of project

The projectis component of three sectors

Generationsector: it component of thermal generation in city (Awsaif –Mohammed goal–Garora)

The enterprise is acting now in implementing the civilizing working in Awsaif and Mohammed goal by switch company

Transmission sector: is component of the following

Transformer station in haya locality

Transformer station in sinkat locality

Transformer station in sawkin locality

Transformation of high effort to link swakin station with Bashair port Transformation of high effort to link sawakin station with sinkat transformer

Distribution sector

It is component the link of electricity grid in locality