Building Regulation and Violations Removal Management


The Building Regulation and Violation Removal Management isone of the urban planning and public utilities management .it is a department of service nature that deals with the issues of citizens of the state. It is a management that contributes to the support of public revenues and responsible for the localities and sectors of Port Sudan Locality

Tasks and Terms of References

Issuing building permits (licenses) for multi storey residential buildings and land designated for commercial and industrial purposes and renewing licenses when they expire

Work and tour inspection through committee of land violations to monitor violations of buildings and legalization of urban development in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Finance

 Combating shanty townand removing deformities in the state

Solve the problems of citizens in terms of neighbors’borders, interference and abuse of others

Provide legal opinion before the court in cases of judgment and settle dispute between the disputing parties

Clearance of the streets routes and removal of barriers inpreparation for asphalt work

Estimating the cost of construction of proposed or under construction buildings, in addition to evaluating existing buildings

Training the newly graduated engineers in coordination with the national service coordinator and the Head of the Ministry

Participate in the prevention of the risks and disasters caused by the autumn and opening of sewage and water drains and theircleanliness for the drainage of rain water in cooperation with the CivilDefense Police  

Distribution of apartments and floors to the most deserving citizens in cooperation with the relevant authorities

Review architectural designs, detailed maps and documents of buildings and structures to ensure their authenticity and conformity with engineering specifications and conditions.

Working to solve the problems and issues of citizens in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities

Cooperation with the committee of the practice of engineering work and registration of engineers

Perform roads and streets work (asphalt cutting)

Contribute to the removal of rubble and obstacles that hider the movement of cars and people in the public road

Management Specific Objective

Create a clean city free from shanty town and deformities by solving the problem of shanty town

Activate the Building Regulation Act and add laws consistent with other policies in the country

Raising citizens’ awareness of the importance of issuing building permits and their role in preserving the rights of their families

Contribute to the local income of the state

Monitoring the works of buildings and legalizing the urban development in the state and its localities and making sure that these buildings meets the engineering requirements and specifications stipulated inthe Building Regulation Law