The General Management of Surveying


The Mission of the Institution

The General Management of Survey aims at achieving the civilization aspects of the Red Sea State

 It is also keen on the functional and practical aspect which confirms the society’s efforts to achieve it is desires in the development process

The Objectives of the Institution

Participation in the national economy and preservation of the environment, improving and developing performance in the Red Sea State

Providing a distinguished service to the citizen through the provision of information

Advanced technical vision

Interact with developments that occur around us

Pay attention to human cadres by creating a good work environment

Improve the overall performance and deal with those aroundus transparently

The Main Fields of the Institution Work

Engineering of surface land, air and sea

 Preserve and archiveland information and resolve disputes arising from local and state boundaries

Grant license to carry out survey work

Production of maps, atlases and geographical and environmental information

   Conduct survey work,produce, publish and save maps and provide technical advice

Tasks of the General Management of the Survey

The General Management of the Survey is a sovereign institution that provides technical advice and keeps state secrets in the field of spatial informationand interactive maps

Carry out training courses, conduct researches and renderreal estate services

Categories benefiting from the services of the Institution

Real state owners –banks-courts and land registrations

Universities and research and scientific institutions

State service institutions in the fields of water,electricity, roads and communications.

Agriculture, mining, industry and investment

 State strategic services(judiciary-security authority- police and service institutions)

The Future Strategy of the Management

Providing services for the urban projects using modern technologies

Implementation and follow-up of work according to the technical standards

Participation in the development projects in order to support the national economy

Provision the of digital and electronic technology service                                                             

Provide GIS technology

Dealing with remote sensing

Improve the efficiency of digital project engineers through training