Land Authority


The Land Authority is considered to be one of the most closely related government departments to the humans life in terms of land reconstruction and use for the purpose of housing, agriculture or industry in accordance with a law that regulates this use ,taking into consideration there as on for the social and psychological stability of the person under the tenancy agreement,ground class and sort of purpose(residential-commercial-agricultural and investment) the contract is subject to renewal or non renewal at the expiration of the period of monopoly in accordance with the requirements of comprehensive development

The Land Authority coordinates with the office of the urban planning and survey development to implement the housing plans, replanning and legalizing the forced housing

The Land Authority implements the economic, industrial and investment development projects, which are approved by the Urban Planning Committee

These projects are contracted, in addition to agricultural projects by the Director of the Land Authority, who is legally responsible and authorized to sign the contract as the first representative of the state