Ministry of construction planning and general utilities:-

It is considered as service ministry and it specialist  by providing planning construction services,water, power, electricity, and the ways, and it responsibility about electronic…….and artisan for all the service sector if it is government and special sector.

The ministry has governmental planning at level of state and localities, it supervising for water corporation and electricity, cooperation with federal authority and it has big exist in state as red sea corporation, customs,rail way And others till to complete service efforts to developing objective and entertainment of citizen of state and that is abstracting in their strategic according to the objectives, vision, and letter

The visionis abstracting in creating civilized nation and it has supreme goodness arrival to entertainment and supporting developing social and economic award achieving the objective sustainable developing

The letter

Providing the supreme goodness service and suitable technical through

Coordinating the effort and construction of accompanies with authorities that related inlocally and federally and nationally Polarization the role of  specialsector and social

Putting the police and standard and putting the laws that achieving justice the distributing of services among the cities and rural and their providing and goodness.

Constructing the abilities and component the decisions markers and human cadre infrastructure

revision the polices and planning annually and reviewing the performance

The general objective for the ministry

Putting ,implementing, and revision the housing planning with coordination with authority relation

The acting at treatment of housing random around the city and big cities at scientific learning basic

The supervising at implementing the special surveys by planning the rural

Procedure the surveys and studies and necessity researches to control in creating the cities

Putting the state polices in field of the ways and bridges and sewage and electricity lines and phone with the other authorities and supervising at implementing their programs , constructing, maintenance the ways that relations among production area and other cities in the state

The supervising of administrative and artisan and providing the necessity information at specialist and useful the lands for different purposes anddividing the agriculture and housing lands with relation authority in the state

Providing the artisan advice for projects the community and collective housing

The acting by design and maintenance the building of government in the state and issuing the system laws for building , using and developing the local building materials

Providing the pure drinking water for state citizen

The ministry working at implementing the rise enterprise the measurement for investment, trade, services, and housing planning